Church Membership Workbook

This is the workbook that we use in our membership classes to prepare people for joining our church as members.  It contains three sections that outline some of the basic principals of biblical church membership with many Bible references for the reader's own personal study.

The booklet is meant to be used in a classroom setting under the instruction of a pastor, but it can be helpful as a stand alone resource for individuals who are looking to better understand how the Bible addresses the members of a local church. 

If you have questions about church membership, or if you would like more information on becoming a member of our church, please email our administrative assistant at or call us at 937-437-1171.  

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Deacon Booklet

This workbook is meant to help us understand what the Bible says about deacons.  Here we learn the key passage that deals with deacon qualifications, and we look at each qualification individually.  At the end of the book we explain the process for becoming a deacon at FBCNP. 

Deacons are an essential office of the church, and so we should pay very close attention to what the Bible says about them.  This booklet can be read in digital format at the link below.  It is also freely available in hardcopy and can be obtained by request at any worship service.

Download Booklet