Resurrection Drama 2017!

Please come and join us in the evening on April 13-15th as we present "God of the Empty Tomb", a musical drama on the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.  Performances will begin each evening at 7pm, admission is free, and all are welcome.

We've been working to prepare for months, and the story of Jesus will be clearly presented in word and song.  It's a blessing that God allows us to do this, and the sacrifices of time and effort that so many of our members have demonstrated are a sign of God's love written on their hearts.

Our church can be found at 6751 State Route 320, New Paris, OH 45347.  For questions, call 937-437-1171.


Live Nativity Scene 2016!

Our Live Nativity Scene was a wonderful experience again in 2016!  Thank you to all who came.  We had so many wonderful visitors on Saturday evening who came in and enjoyed refreshments with us.  

Thank you to all of the local business (Today's Harvest, O'Charley's of Richmond) that partnered with us to make it a special evening!  Merry Christmas!