Our Youth Group is for teenagers, 7th - 12th grade. On Sunday mornings, the high school teenagers have a Sunday School class led by Pastor Rodney, and the 7th and 8th graders have separate boys and girls classes. On Sunday evening, the 7th - 12th grade boys and girls meet separately to study God's Word and see how it pertains to the various challenges that life can bring.  On Wednesday evenings, the whole Youth Group meets together to study the Bible and pray.

Our Youth Pastor, Nathan Osborne, has developed a youth curriculum focused on addressing some of the most challenging questions that we face in the world around us.  As with all of our ministries, we believe the focus of the Youth Group should be the Bible - understanding what God's Word tells us, and how we are to apply it.

The Youth Group has all sorts of events and outings throughout the year, ranging from in-home fellowships to concerts, skates, and even trampoline and amusement park visits.  These adventures and experiences may offer some spiritual value as the youth build relationships with one another and with their leaders who are praying hard for them as they grow.  But the true value of their time together is in their growing understanding of God's Word, and their successes in applying it to their lives.

If you have questions about our Youth Group, please call us at 937-437-1171.

2019 Parental Consent Form

For all current youth who plan to attend events in 2019, a parent will need to fill out the form below in its entirety.  (You will click "Next" several times as the form progresses.)

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